MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

AVEVA MES Manufacturing Execution Systems

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

Digitize, standardize, and manage your operational processes.

The process of moving away from an existing legacy production infrastructure to a fully integrated MES environment will drive improvements across many dimensions. However, successful implementation requires capability and flexibility in the chosen platform and an experienced team to help configure and deploy.

Q-mation’s Expert Services team has decades of experience successfully implementing MES solutions across various industries. Our agile approach to project execution provides customers with a predictable, efficient engagement built around collaboration and the ability to absorb change as project needs evolve, minimizing cost and risk.

AVEVA’s model-driven MES technology enables the standardization of reusable operational processes and allows organizations to manage and maintain deployments for consistency across all facilities centrally. With Wonderware North’s streamlined delivery approach, customers quickly realize the value of their investment. Flexible deployments combined with user interface options and architectures ensure long-term success.

The benefits of the resulting MES solution enhance many facets of plant operations. MES’s Track and Trace/Genealogy capability eliminates information silos and provides end-to-end visibility into the process at every step. Tracking production while collecting detailed Asset Utilization (OEE) information in real-time allows customers to measure production progress and react instantly to machine slowdowns and stoppages—a key to maximizing performance and output.


Customers leveraging an integrated MES solution can electronically manage orders while balancing Work in Progress (WIP) and raw material/finished goods inventory. Instant access to this information increases productivity, helps with production schedule adherence and reduces cost as production process efficiency increases.

Recipe Management and Quality Data Collection/SPC automation through MES ensure consistent process execution and product quality management in real-time. As a result, customers benefit from increased product consistency across facilities.

Integration of MES to ERP helps realize the value of the customer’s ERP investment by enabling the electronic download of orders to the production floor and automatically reporting back production details. In addition, manufacturing flexibility increases as changes at the ERP layer are absorbed to maintain production continuity.

Maximize profit, quality, and compliance by transforming your digital manufacturing operations with an AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System delivered by Q-mation’s Expert Services team.

Contact us today to put our Expert Services team to work on your MES digital transformation project!

MES Success Stories | How We Did It

MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A popular craft brewer planned a significant expansion to align with increased product demand. Manufacturing needed to migrate from paper data collection and work instructions into real-time and automated data collection.

MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A global materials technology leader needed to increase line performance and overall product yield to maximize production performance at each facility. They required a common production monitoring and execution platform that could integrate with the automation layer at each plant and their corporate ERP platform to standardize work order execution, quality data collection, and control.

MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A global CPG leader was approaching end-of-life for a mature custom plant-floor manufacturing system. A new shop floor system had to be implemented across their global manufacturing network that provided standardization across their operations to meet global production needs.

MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A structural steel and pipe products company expanded production capabilities and acquired new plants to meet demands and enter new markets. With challenges tracking work and finished goods coupled with the need to understand production accurately across plants, the mission was to pilot this new platform rapidly.

MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A global plastics company was challenged with a legacy structure of plant floor systems and paper-based processes in need of modernization. The AVEVA solutions allowed the flexibility and necessary ERP integration to provide consistency and process visibility across their international facilities.

MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A leading building products company needed to increase plant performance and consolidate differing legacy production systems across their facilities. Standardization of production processes across plants and the ability to report accurate information to their ERP system became the driving force in replacing their infrastructure with AVEVA MES.

Certified MES Training

Q-mation offers a wide curriculum of training courses for a variety of AVEVA MES software products:

  • System Platform I
  • MES Operations and Performance
  • MES Quality Module
  • AVEVA Work Tasks

Go beyond training with our certified senior-level instructors who combine expert technical skills and knowledge of best practices to create real-work application experiences.

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