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MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A global CPG leader was approaching end-of-life for a mature custom plant-floor manufacturing system. A new shop floor system had to be implemented across their global manufacturing network, providing standardization across their operations to meet international production needs. To do this, a new approach to project management had to be adopted, and a platform that allowed for reusable, regionally configurable templates needed to be leveraged.

Q-mation’s Expert Services team worked with the customer to help design a centralized governance structure and standards approach that created a plant floor manufacturing system template that could be rolled out quickly and regionalized across their enterprise. The result was a centrally supported manufacturing execution system (MES) that met local requirements while providing standardized operations and data visibility to vital corporate stakeholders.

Location: United States
Software Products: AVEVA System Platform, AVEVA MES (Quality, Performance, Operations)

Project Goals:

  • Replace an aging custom plant floor reporting system approaching end-of-life
  • Institute global standards and governance practice across roll out
  • Automate data collection and implement standard production performance monitoring and reporting across the global organization
  • Create a standardized supportable solution usable across four (4) global regions


  • Deliver MES standardization across global operations
  • Deliver a centralized governance structure and standards approach, as required for a sustainable, repeatable global rollout
  • Formulate a pilot approach that would address different global regions


  • The incremental approach allows for a base solution with four successful pilot projects in three geographic regions culminating in a single, standardized global application
  • A highly governed solution adaptable to site needs
  • Centrally managed and sustained through a center of excellence approach
  • Governance and executive sponsorship sustained a multi-year rollout program across four (4) global regions
  • Availability of at-line, automated downtime and quality data collection for all plants globally at operational headquarters
  • Increased operational awareness and continuous improvement at each plant through actionable data and meaningful end-of-shift reports driven by real-time performance feedback
  • Unified performance metrics across the enterprise

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Certified MES Training

Q-mation offers a curriculum of training courses for a variety of AVEVA MES software products:

  • System Platform I
  • MES Operations and Performance
  • MES Quality Module
  • AVEVA Work Tasks

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