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MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A structural steel and pipe products company expanded production capabilities and acquired new plants to meet demands and enter new markets. With challenges tracking work and finished goods coupled with the need to understand production accurately across plants, the mission was to pilot this new platform rapidly.

AVEVA System Platform and AVEVA MES implemented by Q-mation’s Expert Services team allowed for creating a Center of Excellence (CoE) where corporate templates could be created, managed, and customized for individual mills as needed. Starting with contained pilots across several representative plants, core templates were developed, proven, and subsequently assembled into a complete, standardized solution footprint to be implemented at a single site. This solution was then rolled out across all locations, with a core customer team working alongside our Expert Services team to support and maintain the new system. Today, new facilities can be brought online in a matter of weeks.

Location: United States
Software Products: AVEVA System Platform, AVEVA MES (Quality, Performance, Operations)

Project Goals:

  • Achieve best-in-class cycle time for customers to meet and exceed delivery demands
  • Standardize platform to drive production and reporting consistency
  • Eliminate paper travelers on the plant floor
  • Provide real-time production data 24/7 to all levels of management on mobile devices with alerts if production goals are not met


  • Inventory management challenges around WIP and finished goods tracking
  • Prohibitive costs to install ERP terminals on the plant floor to provide visibility to operators
  • Capture information electronically (as opposed to paper-based) to eliminate manual recording errors, allowing operators to perform additional value-added tasks


  • Our Services team helped to organize and train an internal customer team to support sites from deployment onward
  • A successful pilot process launched a standard application that was installed across all sites
  • The new systems include ERP integration for order scheduling, production tracking, and label printing
  • Deployment methodology and templated approach supported by AVEVA software allowed new sites to be brought online in a few weeks
  • Real-time insight into production now allows the customer’s order fulfillment team to better plan shipments

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Certified MES Training

Q-mation offers a curriculum of training courses for a variety of AVEVA MES software products:

  • System Platform I
  • MES Operations and Performance
  • MES Quality Module
  • AVEVA Work Tasks

Go beyond training with our certified senior-level instructors who combine expert technical skills and knowledge of best practices to create real-work application experiences.

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