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MES Manufacturing Execution Systems


A popular craft brewer planned a significant expansion to align with increased product demand. Manufacturing needed to migrate from paper data collection and work instructions into real-time and automated data collection.

Working with Q-mation’s Expert Services team, the customer was able to standardize their plant floor System Platform SCADA environment and extend that solution to incorporate AVEVA MES, providing accurate, real-time views into production and performance and a framework for continuous improvement.

Location: United States
Software Products: AVEVA System Platform, AVEVA MES (Quality, Performance, Operations)

Project Goals:

  • Standardize the plant floor information management systems into a single, supportable environment
  • Move away from paper-based processes to a system that provides a unified understanding of the plant production performance
  • Provide plant operators and managers visibility of line performance KPIs to provide a real-time view of plant performance and production status


  • The rapid expansion of the largest brewery had left the operation with multiple, disconnected legacy systems
  • Consolidate core systems that had been maintained separately, based on differing standards


  • Q-mation’s Expert Services team performed an audit of the core System Platform infrastructure and unified standards and structures, allowing the system to be further extended to solve the production challenges
  • AVEVA MES was implemented to capture comprehensive genealogy and traceability data automatically
    Eliminated paper-based manual data collection
    Automated routine analysis by presenting real-time data from fermentation
  • The resulting system provides an at-a-glance line and overall plant status (dashboards)
  • The repurposed manual data collection effort allows operators to perform more value-added work
  • Collected data is now available to drive continuous improvement efforts

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Certified MES Training

Q-mation offers a curriculum of training courses for a variety of AVEVA MES software products:

  • System Platform I
  • MES Operations and Performance
  • MES Quality Module
  • AVEVA Work Tasks

Go beyond training with our certified senior-level instructors who combine expert technical skills and knowledge of best practices to create real-work application experiences.

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