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AVEVA Industrial Digital TransformationAs customers view the entire suite of offerings available from AVEVA, the vision can be daunting. It’s easily the most comprehensive set of capabilities available in the industrial space, but where to start? The best approach is to simplify. AVEVA’s portfolio is divided into four main areas: Engineering Design, Monitor and Control, Manufacturing Operations, and Asset Performance Management. Each of these areas provides solutions that have stood the test of time and are being actively used across a wide variety of industries. No vaporware, real solutions.

Engineering Design – Building an industrial plant begins long before the construction teams arrive on the job. However, the tools used to create the plans and manage the project are often full of disconnected information silos and vast numbers of people working inefficiently in multiple systems. To better manage this process, AVEVA has an integrated suite of tools to handle process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction, and handover–all connected to a centralized database of information, eliminating these disconnected “silos.” With team members all working from the same framework, overall efficiency is maximized.

Monitor and Control – Maybe you’ve heard of Wonderware? InTouch, Edge, Historian, and System Platform are THE products that changed the industrial world! The AVEVA/Wonderware product portfolio is the most integrated, reusable, and comprehensive set of solutions for data collection, visualization, and operations management ever created. Can we securely push data to the cloud and apply analytics to it? Yes, we can. Can we manage remote Edge terminals anywhere in the world from a cloud-based engineering and deployment platform? Check. Can we develop reusable graphics that work across any part of the platform and quickly and easily be web-enabled? Absolutely. From Edge to Enterprise, Wonderware offers a single integrated set of capabilities to drive real-world digitization and standardization.

Manufacturing Operations – Everyone has an MES system in place, right? It’s that system we have that incorporates paper, Excel spreadsheets, and the whiteboard next to Line 5 and that custom system built 14 years ago that runs on Windows NT Server. Sound familiar? It definitely does not have to be this way. AVEVA’s MES tools help customers across a variety of industries escape these scenarios. Batch, Operations, Performance, and Quality solutions are a seamless and natural extension of our System Platform integration/visualization layer. No more paper, no more custom systems. If digitization is your goal, digitizing inefficient and cumbersome operational processes will provide instant value: Lower costs, more flexible operations, data integrity, and end-to-end traceability of your entire manufacturing process.

Asset Performance Management – So now you’ve designed your digital operation and have been running it with amazing results. Now is the time to consider how you maintain it to get the most out of your investment. Like a car, neither getting a tune-up every 300 miles nor driving it until it breaks down provides a sensible maintenance strategy. With AVEVA, you’re already collecting the vital statistics of your key assets through your plant floor systems, so let’s change the game and use that information to inform your maintenance processes. From our world-class EAM solution through AI-driven maintenance to mobile maintenance to guided maintenance, we have you covered.

Imagine this scenario: You pick up your tablet, and a 3D model of your plant opens up. As you virtually walk through your facility towards a piece of equipment that’s of interest. You click it, and a digitized dashboard of information opens up. Everything you need to know about that piece of equipment is right there at your fingertips. Real-time data from your SCADA System, work being executed from your MES system, historical data from your process historians, engineering drawings and specs, order history, maintenance history, outstanding maintenance requests, video, and more. On your tablet, in your hands. It’s not science fiction, it’s right now, and it’s available to your operation with the industry-leading AVEVA solutions portfolio.

So, where do you want to start your digital transformation journey, and how can we help?

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