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Q-mation offers free live online workshops with topics ranging from software product and solutions overviews to more advanced technical workshops with tips and tools for the implementation of best practices.

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Upcoming Digital Workshops

Unified Manufacturing Visibility with Connected MES

Elevate Your MES Data with AVEVA Data Hub

Thursday, July 25
2:00 pm ET | 1:00pm CT | 12:00pm MT | 11:00 am PT

In this era of data-driven manufacturing, visibility across your operations is not just a luxury it’s a necessity. AVEVA’s Connected MES acts as a gateway to elevate your on-premise MES data into the cloud with AVEVA Data Hub, enabling a unified, multisite view of your operations. This workshop will guide you through the capabilities of AVEVA Connected MES. Experience the power of centralized reporting, comparative analytics, and the opportunity to unlock predictive insights with AI and machine learning analytics, all through a single user interface designed for the modern manufacturer.

Key Takeaways:
• Discover how to publish your on-premise MES data to AVEVA Data Hub for enhanced visibility and control.
• Explore how AVEVA Data Hub facilitates multisite comparisons, reporting, and analytics from a cohesive, user-friendly interface.
• Uncover the potential of applying AI and machine learning analytics to your manufacturing data to gain predictive insights and inform your decision-making.

Join us for this complimentary online workshop to discover how to transform your manufacturing data into actionable intelligence and step into the future of unified manufacturing.

Scott Samia, MES Services Manager, Q-mation

Mastering Data Utilization

Extracting Intelligence from Your AVEVA™ Historian

Thursday, August 22
2:00 pm ET | 1:00pm CT | 12:00pm MT | 11:00 am PT

AVEVA Insight

Understanding how to retrieve data efficiently is as important as collecting it. In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate the power of Historian Client tools, including Trends, Queries, and Workbooks, and showcase their role in data analysis and retrieval. Additionally, we’ll explore the Historian Client Web and Reports for Operations, highlighting how these tools allow everyone in your organization to have real-time data access. We’ll conclude the workshop with an in-depth exploration of creating dashboards, charts, and alerts using Insight, tailored for those leveraging AVEVA’s cloud historian and to enrich your understanding of data visualization and alert management, enabling a more proactive approach to operational management.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn to use Historian Client tools for comprehensive data retrieval and analysis.
• Explore the capabilities of Historian Client Web for accessible, on-the-go data management.
• Discover how to generate meaningful Reports for Operations to drive efficiency and productivity.
• Gain proficiency in creating impactful dashboards, charts, and alerts with AVEVA’s Insight for enhanced data visualization and alerting.

Join us for this essential online workshop, where we’ll navigate the critical steps of extracting and leveraging data from your process historian and unlock the full potential of your historian data with practical tools and insights.

Mychal Gobert, Application Consultant, Q-mation, Inc.

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