AVEVA™ Historian

AVEVA Historian

AVEVA™ Historian

Capture and store high-fidelity industrial data and unlock potential for operational improvements.

Your plant processes and systems generate plenty of data. AVEVA Historian easily collects any volume of data at high resolution and provides multiple options to access that data quickly, the key to digitizing your operations.

With AVEVA Historian, you can easily access and analyze batch cycle times, data averages, product count totals, min or max values during a given time period, flow totals, run hours, and more, while built-in replication for Tiered Historian architectures simplifies corporate reporting.

Users can access and analyze information using Excel, AVEVA Historian Client Power Tools, AVEVA Historian Client Web (think Google™ for your Historian), AVEVA Dream Report, or SQL queries. Historian data can be leveraged to feed our analytics tools to predict downtime, product quality, process throughput, asset health, and more.

With on-site or AVEVA Insight cloud options, AVEVA Historian puts information in the hands of those who need it, wherever they are, and on any device.

AVEVA Historian

Success Story

A chemical company wanted to improve network segmentation for security and improve data access in plant and corporate environments. Data from the control network was critical to various groups within the corporation for decision-making. Quality, environmental, engineering, and business managers all relied on plant data for the information needed to make improvements and troubleshoot issues.

By installing an AVEVA Tier 2 Historian, the organization was able to safely transmit data from the control network to the business network through a DMZ, allowing these users easy access to historical plant data.

Users on the business network connect to the Tier 2 Historian using Historian Client Desktop, Historian Client Web, and AVEVA Reports for Operations. The ease of use of these reporting and analysis tools has saved hours of work that had been required before. Key reports are now automatically generated and distributed daily.

Product: Chemicals
Industry: Chemical
Location: United States

Software: AVEVA Historian, Historian Client Desktop, Historian Client Web, AVEVA Reports for Operations

Project Goals:

  • Create a standardized reporting platform with secure access to data
  • Provide users in quality, engineering, environmental and plant/corporate management access to data for reporting and analyses
  • Allow remote access for troubleshooting
  • Isolate networks to eliminate virus, malware and other cyber security threats 


  • Historian and SCADA information at the plant level had to be isolated on a segregated plant network
  • A solution was required that allowed data from the plant to be securely available to non-plant users


  • Additional Tier 2 Historian allowed for unidirectional transfer of data from the plant floor to the business network
  • The ability to tier AVEVA Historians allowed for the consolidation of several plant historians into a single corporate Historian
  • The new architecture eliminated the need for multiple spreadsheets in the preparation of environmental reports and made the distribution of reports automatic

Dive Deeper!

See below for a downloadable recording (video .mp4 format) of our previously held live digital workshop (webinar).

AVEVA Historian: The Most Widely-Used Process Historian on the Market

Workshop Synopsis: Access to information is critical to driving operational improvement, which is why companies of every type leverage AVEVA Historian. Historian is a high-performance process database capable of storing huge volumes of industrial data that users can access quickly and easily with off-the-shelf tools for reporting and analysis. With tens of thousands of active systems and applications across every industry handling petabytes of data, we’ll show you why AVEVA Historian is central to these operations.

Certified AVEVA Historian Training

The System Platform Part 2 course is a 4-day, instructor-led class designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the features and functionality of Wonderware Historian Server for both Application Server and Traditional InTouch tag-based applications. This course provides lectures and hands-on labs to supply and reinforce the knowledge necessary to use Historian Server for SCADA and factory data. Students will learn how to configure the Historian Server; historize and retrieve historical data; retrieve auto-summary data; implement data replication to a remote historian; insert, update and import historical data; and employ the Historian Classic Event system.

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